Reboot the memberships!

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Reboot the memberships!

Post by Technotron3 » Sun May 13, 2018 6:43 pm

Reboot the memberships!

I had an idea from a previous thread about paying pilots, and this may be the best way to incorporate REWARDING pilots.

Currently these are the perks:

Fly as a pilot for an existing virtual airline
Flight-Tracker for Microsoft Flight Simualtor & X-Plane

No advertisments
Pilot-Ladders - rank yourself against other pilots

Start & manage your own virtual airline

What could be added? for starters, more perks!

1x v$ Pilot Pay
No per hour bonus
1 free transfer a month
basic profile skin

1.25 v$ Pilot Pay
500 v$ bonus per hour (1x)
5 free transfers a month and 2 cancellations
bonus profile skins

1.5 v$ Pilot Pay
1000 v$ per hour bonus (1x)
10 free transfers a month and 5 cancellations
bonus profile skins

also reward pilots for real time flight hours spent (should be represented by a loading style line graph)

every 250 hours Free 1 month Gold
every 1000 hours 1 month premium + 3 months gold
every 5,000 hours, 3 months premium + 6 months gold
every 10,000 hours, 6 months premium + 1 year gold

Bonus gold memberships should be sellable for v$ or giftable for those who have premium

A bunch of ideas here, what does everybody think?

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