flynet fuel wierdness

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flynet fuel wierdness

Post by Tomb » Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:31 pm

so i fly my Caravelle G-CARA

flight 1, i have about 1000kgs fuel in, so i brim the tanks in FS and use "compare" tanks are full and off we go

we buy about 14,000kgs fuel, giving us about 15,000kg total

we use about 4,000kg leaving us about 10,000kgs plus left in the tanks and checking on aircraft informatiom G-CARA this agrees.

flight 2 is the return, we dont need fuel since we have sufficant so i start flynet but it says i only have 6000kgs on board

so we check under detailed refuell and sure enough 4000ks in each main and 1000kgs in each aux this tallies with the expected total of about 10,000kgs plus so we make no changes and off we go.

on landing i find i have been billed for 4000kgs and have 6000 remaining.

so if you total fuel bought over the two flights its 14,000kgs +4000kgs =18000kgs -4000kgs(1st flight)-4000kgs (2nd flight)= about 10,000 kgs left remaining, checking aircraft info shows 6000,kgs remaining, so like the classic puzzle, what happened to the missing 4000kgs ?

answers on a post card, and is it related to flynets excruciating slowness lately ?