How to Report problems and try to get them rectified.

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How to Report problems and try to get them rectified.

Post by Quantum » Fri Dec 15, 2006 5:01 pm

Hi Guys,

We've got a lot of newcomers to FlyNET and what with the recent issues surrounding Client updates there have been a lot of problems that have cropped up for many folk regarding specific flights. Here are guidelines for how to resolve problems:

If I have a specific problem with a flight/flights then this is what I do :-

If it's an obvious bug in a new client update that is causing problems then it needs to be posted in the 'Bugs & Problems' forum.

Additionally, if the problem has had an adverse affect on your VA finances, VA reputation, Pilot's reputation, aircraft status, aircraft value etc etc etc then you need to send an E-MAIL to Konny at . Now, Konny isn't psychic, he may not know you personally and he may not recognise who you are from your e-mail address so please give Konny as much information as you can with page links where appropriate in order that he doesn't have to search for the info himself. Remember your email may be one of dozens and the one's he can deal with quickly will get rectified first :

I will use a specific example of a problem that was recently posted in the bugs and problems page (with very little info!) and hope the originator does not mind :
Hi Konny,

Had a problem with a flight with the new client 6.5b which gave a massive overcharge on fuel purchase with a corresponding huge loss to my VA. Here is the link to the flight report : ... b&id=11728

As you can see, the Client calculated that I purchased over 840 million tonnes of fuel ! Although the Client calculated a loss of -571.431.653.000v$ my finance page shows only a deduction of -201.002.632v$ ... =db&id=650 . I would be grateful if you could credit that amount back to my VA as soon as possible.


Steve Strait
CEO Tin Shack Air ... =db&id=650
That's the sort of info you NEED to send.

Remember, the staff here at Flynet are doing all this on their spare time, be polite, and understand that YOUR minor inconvenience is not THEIR major problem. Being polite will get you much further than being petulant, upset, aggressive or rude.


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Post by ttin1man » Fri Dec 15, 2006 11:46 pm

No problem Quantum. Glad I could be some help, or use. Hope you don't mind I just copied and pasted it to a real email. It's just embarracing that my 56mil screw-up is on the same page. LOL