Flights to remote areas

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Flights to remote areas

Post by joefremont » Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:26 pm

One thing that has been requested is the ability to make flights to remote locations or places that are not officially airports. I had several idea's on how that could work and wanted some feedback.

Remote Airports:

These would be 'temporary' airports, based on a pilots account type they could create some number of them and routes could be created to and from them like normal airports, fuel at them would be either not available or super expensive, and if the pilot 'owning' the airport quits then the flights/aircraft/pilots would be moved to a close by airport. These remote airports would have to be at least 2-5 nm from any airport already in our database, including other remote airports.

Waypoint Routes

A route could be created that could start and end at any airport but would have to either land within 1-2nm of the specified coordinates, and then take off and continue to the destination airport.

Distance Routes

In this option the pilot would simply have to fly at least some specified distance from the origin airport, land and then take off and continue to the destination. This would make it simpler to setup than the waypoint option and you could have one route setup for remote drops from a base and land in many locations.

With both the Waypoint and Distance options we could even do an airdrop option where the AC that are capable can just has to fly within 1 nm of the target, release there payload and then return.

What do you think?
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Re: Flights to remote areas

Post by Cat » Thu Apr 04, 2019 11:26 pm

GPS distance from any fixed point would work I should think. No overnight parking, have to drop and go with simulator still running as there would be no way to restart from said imaginary airport...... No fuel, no services .... just back country full on bush flying to a spot on a map .... maybe set up so "temp airport" can be created with just lat/long & elevation? Only Hiccup in that plan is FSA would need some sort of code for said non-airport.....hmmmmmm Maybe easier to make DIVERT tab connect to a lat/long? book A to B divert to C in the boondocks then FSA would auto build that 2nd route from C to B..... ? just tossing up ideas to KIS (Keep It Simple) The hardest part of all of this is the whole idea of virtual airline flying is to make money ..... how would one even start to construct some sort of financial engine for dropping off/picking up a hunter or two in the wild?

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Re: Flights to remote areas

Post by fackprod » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:23 am

On a related topic, any thoughts around extra bonuses for service to/from airports with no recorded flight movements in say 6 months. Just flew an aircraft out of NWWE New Caledonia. Last recorded movement was 2016. Despite pax of over 3000, we only filled 299 seats of an A380. There are many similar examples EGPR 2300 pax and no movements between Aug 2018 and March 2019.. So a bit like cargo, a single bonus for say a flight into a poorly serviced airport might generate a little extra revenue. Programming sounds not too complicated. Really just a test of activity within current date vs 182 days or similar. Food for thought.

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