Pilot Charge

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Pilot Charge

Post by joefremont » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:15 am

Hi Flyers!

An airline CEO suggested a feature where all aircraft transfers would be paid by the pilot who last flew the aircraft instead of the airline, even if the pilot had quit the airline. It seams he wanted all his aircraft at the fleet head quarters and was not pleased when a pilot would fly from base and then abandon the aircraft there.

Personally I think the request is a bit too harsh and a bit to narrowly focused on aircraft
transfers. I could see CEO's using it to punish pilots who left the airline. Of course the CEO's who read this forum would never do that, were all too mature for that, but there are those who would. Conceptually our airlines are corporations and can't compel ex-employees to pay them without legal action.

An alternate suggestion I had was to make something more general, If a CEO feels a pilot has done something where they need to pay back an airline, say abandon a plane somewhere, damaged it some how, purposly waisted fuel, been rude to other pilots, etc,, they could "request" the pilot pay a certian amount back to the airline, the request could be either optional or manditory. The pilot would then either accept or refuse the request. if the request was manditory and the pilot refuses, they would be kicked from the airline.

I though of the 'optional' request as a way that pilots could re-invest back into their airline, sort of a reverse 'tip' so pilots could earn a bunch of money at one airline then go off and use that to start another.

Just wondering what everyone thinks of this idea.
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Re: Pilot Charge

Post by Cat » Fri Aug 31, 2018 3:49 pm

Can't control pilots? Sit them for a few days to think about it (ground pilot). If their attitude is that poor (not a team player), why do you want them anyway? Chasing numbers to be the top dog airline? Be careful what you wish for, bigger is not always better.

If the airline is so broke they need pilots to add money to the cash register, they need to work on their management skills...... don't spend more than you can afford! Planes do not make money sitting on the ground.

Back to the discipline issue, if after a short grounding the pilot does not return the airplane to its hub, boot em...... don't let the door hit you in the tail on the way out .... This is supposed to be fun, not a bunch of grumpy drama....

Just sayin

Why make more work for FSA Admin than necessary?
I can see it now ohhhh I paid my airline the wrong amount can I get it back? What kind of fee would be charged? Airlines are charged insane amounts to tip out pilots. (based on multiplier average I believe).... If pilots can tip other pilots with little or no fee, I can see them circumventing the airline tip policy quickly..... "Give them a way to cheat and they will" owner: I'll pay myself 100% or something stupid so I have money to tip my pilots for free.......

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Re: Pilot Charge

Post by wings138 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:07 am

I actually agree, grounding a pilot for a couple days does way more then anything else. When they can't fly and all there friends are... If they can't get it, out they go. Besides, if a pilot can't respect a certain aircraft, you can always take away that one type from him.

I wouldn't mind a reverse tip so pilots could give back to the airline if they wanted. Most wouldn't as they don't usually have a lot of money.

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