The Landing Light Rule

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The Landing Light Rule

Post by Quantum » Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:50 pm


However many times we try to explain it we still seem to get folk who haven't quite grasped the landing light rule and try their utmost to turn lights on/off at FL100 and incur penalties if they don't quite get it right. For those that still haven't quite got it I shall try and explain as clearly as possible :-


Lights must be on for take-off and must remain on whilst your aircraft is below 1000' AGL. Once your aircraft has cleared any terrain that would give a clearance less than 1000' AGL below your aircraft you can turn them off. They MUST be off before you climb above FL100.


You may turn your lights on at any time once you have passed below FL100 and they MUST be on before your aircraft descends below 1000' AGL for landing.


To allow for operations at high altitude airports, turning your lights on above FL100 does not incur a penalty as long as your aircraft is below 3000' AGL.

I hope that is clear to everyone. The main thing to watch/monitor/be aware of is the terrain below your aircraft. If you fly over high terrain and don't give a minimum 1000' terrain clearance then you risk incurring a penalty as the client expects your lights to be on within 1000' of the ground. If you are operating into a high altitude airport be aware of the terrain profile on your approach. If there is a valley that suddenly increases your terrain clearance to greater than 3000' and you are above FL100 at that time with your lights on, then you risk incurring the penalty.

If you are operating a flight sim model that has landing lights coupled to the landing gear, keep your gear down whilst you are below 1000' AGL to avoid a lights penalty. If you want to retract your gear below 1000' AGL take the penalty and live with it.


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Re: The Landing Light Rule

Post by flightsimer » Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:03 pm

i get this, but havent done any high alt flights... but anyways, say if im climbing up from a airport that is at 5k and there is terrain that peaks at 12k that i have to fly over. as long as im below 3k agl and have them off before 3k, i could still leave the lights on passing over that terrain even above 10k right?
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