Need help understanding fuel entries :(

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Need help understanding fuel entries :(

Post by petetheniceguy » Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:28 pm


I've had members asking about fuel. I have managed to explain the compare and third option (manual entry of each individual tank). But with the first (and third) options I am struggling to understand how you are suppose to enter fuel loads.

Say the aircraft has 25,000 lbs on board and you need a total of 200,000lbs for your flight. If you enter 175,000 ... does flynet set it so that you only pay for 175,000 but fuels your aircraft with 200,000?

If someone could provide exact steps on how this is done as the help topics in the other forum are a little vague.

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Re: Need help understanding fuel entries :(

Post by AdmiralRolfe » Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:07 am

For the Standard Option, if you enter 175000 kgs, it would charge you for 175000 kgs of fuel and add that to whatever is remaining in the tank (25000) to bring it up to a grand total of 200000 kgs. The fuel would be divided between the available tanks, usually filling the engine tanks first before filling the centre tank.

For the Detailed Option, basically you're choosing how much fuel should be in the tanks after fueling (and the client calculates how much to put in). So if you had 25000 kgs in the tank already, and enter 200000 kgs, you would be charged for 175000 kgs of fuel and would end up with 200000 kgs of fuel in the tank. The thing about the detailed option is you can fuel each tank individually (centre tanks, engines, aux, etc.) to balance the weight out.

I've never actually used the Compare option, but I think what it does (correct me if I'm wrong) is compare how much fuel was left over in the tank with the amount currently in the tanks (when you start the flight). So if you use FSX to put 200000 kgs of fuel in the tanks, and you already have 25000 kgs left over from previous flights, the difference (175000 kgs) is charged and no fuel is added (you already have 200000 kgs in the tanks!).

Hope that helps!


Re: Need help understanding fuel entries :(

Post by petetheniceguy » Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:45 am

Thanks John. Thats perfect. Compare sounds about right from what you have said.

A = Fuel Start off with
B = Fuel left in tanks at end of flight
C = Total fuel used

A - B = C


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Re: Need help understanding fuel entries :(

Post by hezza » Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:01 am

In my experience the compare method works this way:

A=Fuel left over from previous flight.
B=Fuel loaded in the simulation before starting the client.
C=Amount of fuel invoiced=B-A

Note that if B<A then you end up with B loaded. C=0 (you pay nothing) but A-B is dumped onto the tarmac (probably resulting in a hefty fine ;))