NEW! Mark Flight For Review

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NEW! Mark Flight For Review

Post by joefremont » Wed May 14, 2008 11:22 pm

Since it will be at least a few more weeks till the new site is ready, I have implemented some new features for FlyNET that I had been working on for the new system.

First is the 'Mark as cheat' button on the flight reports has been removed and has been replaced by a new button that says 'Flight needs review'. Use this if your flight had a system error and needs to be fixed, or you think the pilot was doing something fishy and you think it needs review, etc... If the aircraft has not been moved since the last flight, the pilot or an officer in the airline with enough rank can also flag the flight that it needs to be deleted, once so flagged the aircraft can not be used until the flight is reviewed.

If you use this feature the system will require you to enter a reason so be specific.

When the administrator reviews the flight they can:

- Leave the flight as is.
- Clear the penalties.
- Recalculate the fuel used.
- Set the flight as a cheat
- Delete the flight (if flight deletion was requested, see above).

If the flight was set as a cheat the flight is no longer deleted instead:

- All revenue generated is removed.
- If the fuel usage is too low it is recalculated based on the average for that aircraft.
- The pilots rating for the flight is reduced 10%.
- The reputation of the airline the pilots belongs to is reduced 2%.

The other feature is that the system now has a list of real world airlines in it and that when someone tries to create a new airline the system will check the name against it to see if it can be used. Since I am sure everyone reading this is already a member of an airline that has a legal name this won't effect you.
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