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Meet the pilots

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:32 pm
by MMattyK
Gretings visitors :)
Here you can find out a litle about our pilos, the add-ons they fly with, and anything else they care to add... :D

Mat Koelz - CEO

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:49 pm
by MMattyK
Well where to begin?
This is a little like a busmans holiday as my real time job is a flight simulator engineer/technician, which I have done since 1980, all millitary.
Initially started in FS airlines with an Airline called Busy Jet, and this airline was formed as an offshoot of that airline, which has now unfortunately folded.
This VA has all the routes flown form EBBR and LGAV in its flight plans, with (for the most part) the correct aircraft types, although I've not used the correct times and days as I feel that would be a little too limiting.
I also think that this should be a fun, and where possible, a sociable activity, and in that vein, I'm not that fussy about training... if you can do a single training flight without a complete failure, then in my mind you're good enough, for the VA anyway... I'm sure that most would be unhappy if a real airline had that policy lol.
Okies as for envionment addons, I have Real Environment Extreme, Ultimate traffic, and FSGlobal scenery, all for FS9, which is the package I fly in, FSNavigator which I use for route planning, and occaisionally Navigraph for getting soft copies of airport infomation, especially when the built in ATC really mucks up your approach (Salzburg (LOWS) visual approch from the south to runway 34 for example).
Aircraft wise, I have too many to mention really, but my favs are the old prop liners, as I have a collection of Dehavilland prop freeware downloads, which are fantastic fun to fly, and can be challenging in real weather.
I always fly real time and real weather, which can make for some interesting events.
Any Questions?

I've just purchased the Cerenado Cessna C208, Beech 58 and Beech Baron C90

Re: Meet the pilots

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:12 pm
by Tripeiro
So is mi time to present mi self

Ind the real life i work for a transport society, live in Brussels and have mi home on one off the STARS off the EBBR airport.

I fly for Brussels Busy Jet and some times for Airchild.

Mi addons are, AS6 weather, Ultime terrain europe and a lot off mesh and freeware scenery.

For the planes the only payware i have is the ATR from flight 1 that i use with Airchild and principally old freeware jet's that a fly in Africa.

The last but not the least, i fly on-line on the Vatsim network ;)

Sorry for the poor english, i speak better thant i write.