Fleet Finance Balances Don't Add Up

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Fleet Finance Balances Don't Add Up

Post by SJDobby » Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:37 pm


I keep a fairly close eye on the balances among our airline's various fleets, transferring between them on occasions to keep them at their desired levels.

Our airline's current balance is a nice healthy $3.8bn or so. When I look at the "transfer money" page and add up the various balances of the fleets they currently amount to just under $2.1bn; in particular the "UKD Leasing" fleet figure seems to be dropping, despite there not being transactions occurring to support that drop.

While I am relieved that the official balance (on the main Finances page) is where we expect it to be, can I ask why the sum of our fleet balances doesn't add up to that amount?

My only guess is the fleet-finances page is perhaps not only looking at the finances of the aircraft sat on that fleet at the moment but also all the maintenance/transfer fees being incurred by other airlines while they are leasing the aircraft from that fleet.

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Re: Fleet Finance Balances Don't Add Up

Post by joefremont » Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:30 pm

I think I found the problem, leases were not getting re-assigned to the new fleets when there old fleet was deleted. Should be able to get this corrected before the end of the weekend.
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