Aircraft Sales

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Aircraft Sales

Post by matt9529 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:54 pm

Hi all,

Not sure if it's my imagination but I've jumped back into FSAirlines after a short time out and I am finding that the aircraft market is incredibly slow and there is hardly anything to choose from any more. It seems like it used to update lots more but now it's just kind of stuck :shock:

Apart from the fact also that the aicraft orders for older aircraft is pain stakingly slow also coming across the bug I used to get where you order aircraft and after a few days the order request just disappears! Been waiting since the 31st now for a Fokker 50 to be delivered or at least appear in the leasing or sales market as I can't make schedules without it!

A nice feature would be to alert other airlines when you request a certain aircraft.

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Re: Aircraft Sales

Post by joefremont » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:20 pm

Just to review how the aircraft get on the traders list. When an airline is dissolved or an airline orders an aircraft and fails to buy it, it gets put up for sale to anyone. If nobody buys it after 60 days its supposed to be deleted, there was a bug in this that I fixed recently so the list is now shorter than it was, and about where it should be. The other aircraft on the list are those that are being sold by other airlines.

As for you not getting a notification, I will have to look into that more, two possibilities, first there is still an order someone put in for 5 F-50's that's still pending and is scheduled to be filled at 2017-06-09 13:07:16 (UTC). Second if you're the airline president but your VA assigned rank does not have Fleet permission, then you may not get the notification, I should probably fix that.

I agree, it probably takes too long to fill orders for older aircraft. In the real world if you want a used aircraft, you call up your broker and they find it, it may take a little time to either get it out of mothballs or to fly it to you from Bolivia but you will get it pretty quickly. If you want a new aircraft you call up either Boeing or Airbus and place your order, it goes into the production schedule and maybe you get it in 5 years. For us its opposite, New aircraft is always immediate, use aircraft if not already listed it will take from 1-5 days. Not sure how to fix that, but for now will cut the order time down to 4-48 hours instead of 1-5 days.

I have sometimes thought about a system where given some number of aircraft were produced, some number are owned by FSA airlines and the aircraft was produced some number of years ago, we should be able to calculate how many aircraft should be on the market, if the number is less than that they should get added automatically. I supposed I should just work out a formula and make it happen.

BTW, I just added 12 F-50's to the traders list for anyone to buy.
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