Training Flights - Penalties, etc

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Training Flights - Penalties, etc

Post by SJDobby » Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:17 pm


Not a bug report, simply a request for the exact nature of Training Flights to be confirmed, particularly relating to personal flight rating, airline reputation, airline finances, aircraft fuel levels and aircraft maintenance. For instance, on some training flights we might want to deliberately "divert" to another airport as a training exercise, or deliberately make a hard landing, perform a fuel dump, etc.

Examples of questions I have been asked:

1. What are the effects of a pilot landing at the "wrong" airport in a training flight?
2. What are the effects of a pilot crashing during a training flight?
3. What - if anything - can cause a training flight to have an impact on company finances? (fuel use? crash? aircraft-status-change?)

FSA Director, UK Direct Airways

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