DC-6/3 Model questions...

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DC-6/3 Model questions...

Post by SamRo11 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:42 pm

Posted in general but think this may be more appropriate..
[More info added.]
I noticed the Database has the DC-6B and DC06AB, DC-3 & DC-3 Cargo.

im planing to operate older aircraft mainly in cargo configeration and just wondering about the following..
I have 2 DC-6B's one "longrange" with the CB17 2800's, Radar and a range of 3500nm..
then a "dayplane" with CB16's no Radar and a range of 2500nm..
witch do you model? and could the DB be split?
Second I have a Cargo DC-6 witch again seems to be 2 aircraft, now im not shore its proper designation the game lists both as a "DC-6C" but one seems to have a mixed cabin and one a full cargo configeration.. the later I suspect is C-118A the former the DC-6C both models use the CB16 2800's and have a range of 2500 miles..
I could reasearch all the figers but im wondering if im just missing something or have misread the db?
I looked at the DB and seems to have an entry for the CB16 powered day plane.
Detail on D-6B
DC-6B-1198A a 60-89 seat domestic variant with 2400 hp R-2800-CB16 engines
DC-6B-1225A a 42-89 seat trans-ocean variant with increased fuel capacity to 5512 US Gallons and 2500 hp R-2800-CB17 engines
DC-6C is a mixed cargo DC-6B-1198A
C-118A/DC-6A all Cargo variant, specs same as DC-6B-1198A but has cargodoor and no windows [DC-6B was developed as a passanger vertion the DC-6A]
the DC-3 is the model in the DB repusentitive of the 1830 or 1820 powered Dak's?
Sorry if this has already been covered.

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