Wilco PIC737 and landing lights

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Wilco PIC737 and landing lights

Post by VegasTim » Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:40 pm

Hi Everyone!

This applies to the Wilco Pilot in Command 737-400. I have not tested it with 300 or 500 as my VA does not have those aircraft.

Just FYI, if you turn off the taxi lights right after pulling up the gear (normally done in a real one to keep from burning up the nose wheel well), you MIGHT get busted for no landing lights on below 1000 feet even though the landing light switches are still on. Does not happen every time, but pilots beware! :?

Just wait until you clear 1000 AGL before hitting the taxi light switch and all is OK. PIC737 will not simulate nose wheel well overheat/fire with taxi light on and gear up so you can actually just wait and turn the taxi light on/off at the same time you are turning the landing lights on/off. :D

One would so hope your gear is down and locked and landing lights/taxi light (nose wheel light) on before 1000' AGL on final! Therefore, you should have no problem on approach/landing, only on takeoff/departure.

Tim D
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