Aerosoft CheyenneX Causing "Fuel Cheat" Flight Abort

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Aerosoft CheyenneX Causing "Fuel Cheat" Flight Abort

Post by SJDobby » Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:09 pm

I have installed the Aerosoft CheyenneX (in FS2004) and attempted to fly it on an FSAirlines route, but with the engines running (and total fuel at 45%: 250kg in each of the main tanks and nothing in the tip tanks, crossfeed off) the flight got aborted in FSAirlines client because it (FSA client) thought it had detected an in-flight refueling. This happened twice and I eventually cancelled the flight.

Has anyone else experienced this problem on this (or other) aircraft and is there some way round it?


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