Maintenenace / repair bills

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Re: Maintenenace / repair bills

Post by Alaskan Flyboy » Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:24 am

Brian Peace wrote:No... he posted a funny bulletin about pilots bailing out etc. :lol:

Im not trying to hinder startup VA's... not the point of this at all... but a level playing feild when it comes to things like repairs... it really SHOULD be level.

Startup VA's already have the advantage of being able to fly ONE flight with a leased A380, and being able to BUY an A380 with cash after ONE flight if they do it right. For an established VA it could take MONTHS to save up and buy an A380... isnt that advantage enough for you at 1000x??? Don't get too greedy!! :wink:
I've come to despise Scarebus. I can't even bring myself to download one much more buy a payware package. :wink: I'm happy just with 737s, ERJs, and Brasilias for now. Since the guys picking up an A380 and rushing for the cash aren't really hurting me, I don't find much problem with them. I figure with my plan to set up a rather realistic Part 121 air carrier service, I'll need most of that 1000x multiplier to get it running and create a reserve for lean times and/or wannabe navy pilots that think they're making carrier landings in a 737. ;)

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