Airship and me, lost.

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Airship and me, lost.

Post by Efad » Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:02 am

Mr. Joe Fremont.-

I have to well to go to you in the opportunity of informing him that in today's day I carried out two flights from SVMI SPIM and of SPIM SVMI.

In the first flight SVMI-SPIM, everything was normal and without problems, but in the return SPIM-SVMI, after arriving to the parking area, to place controls and to turn off turbines, I proceeded to conclude the flight, question that for reasons unaware to my will, the connection of Internet was interrupted and the program FSairlines was hung. When reestablishing the connection and to revise if the flight was totally registered, I take myself the surprise that as much the airplane as me are not in Maiquetía, a lot he would know how to thank him to correct this error of the system. My flight lasted a time 03 hours and 31 minutes and with a remainder of fuel of 9.843 kilograms. The utilized airship is the YV10702


Erick Aldrighetti.

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Re: Airship and me, lost.

Post by Konny » Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:11 pm

I put you and your aircraft to SVMI but unfortunately we can't create a flight report for you if it's missing. Sorry, we're investigating in this problem.
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