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Dave seventhree


Post by Dave seventhree » Sat Oct 25, 2008 12:25 am

im confused

uk Aviator ARK14 Oct 24 2008, 23:50

Flightnr. Virtual Airline Max simrate used
LHR019 AIR UK 16

A/C Type Registration PAX
B753 G-XAIR1 243

Departure Planned arrival Arrival Distance Duration Block Fuel
EGLL \ 06:47 KJFK KRKD \ 12:31 2994nm 05:44 (5.7h) 27142 kg

Rating Critique
75% overspeed - taxi
still rolling when ending flight
parking breaks
landing lights off under 1000 feet
overspeed under 10.000

WAS TESTING- a B753 egll jfk dep 27R FOR 22r LOL .. ok all is going well... then suddenly my fuel is so bored of me it leaves me @ fl300 only 18mins of fuel left but @ that time i had plenty left26 ish mins
.. panicing LOL i thought wow should i land at the emergency option i chose not too because of the rapid fuel loss and my trust in me rather than a instumental failure.. wow sounds like aircaft investigations hehe .. but i thought continue.... i landed but it says i landed poorly at a near by airport why...

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Post by CAPFlyer » Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:38 am

Few things -

1) Are you sure you landed at the right airport? The flight booked shows that your planned destination was KJFK, but it says that you landed at KRKD, about 300 nautical miles north of New York. If you intended to land at KRKD, did you press the "Emergency!" button and did it dissappear?

2) If you did land where you intended and you did press the "Emergency!" button, please send the DEBUG.OUT file from the FSAirlines folder to support@fsairlines.net so that Joe and Claudio can take a look and see what's up.

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