wrong cargo weight

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wrong cargo weight

Post by aserafyn » Sun Sep 21, 2008 10:10 am

When i book flight it shows that i have 5tonn's of Cargo,but after i click End flight button it calculates that i transfered just 150 kg of cargo.Why it don't calculate those 5 tonn's?

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Re: wrong cargo weight

Post by Quantum » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:03 am


One of CBFS pilots also did a cargo flight in Argosy and there is no income at all from cargo. Something amiss here big time I think.


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Re: wrong cargo weight

Post by vaccaro » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:21 am

I think this happens in the calculations. All my 3 flights with the new client ended up with less cargo.
I think either the airport people stealing it or the a/c has a hole and they drop in flight :p

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Re: wrong cargo weight

Post by Copyrighter1 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:33 am

"And in recent news, citizens have been advised to keep an eye out for falling cargo and baggage falling from the sky..."

Same thing happened to me - apparently all the passengers were packing light - absolutely no income from cargo.
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Re: wrong cargo weight

Post by DaKurt » Sun Sep 21, 2008 1:03 pm

;) sorry, fixed in next version (v1.1.0).
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