Client Will No Longer Connect

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Cold Bay
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Client Will No Longer Connect

Post by Cold Bay » Fri Jan 20, 2023 5:36 pm

Good morning,

I have been running version 2.5.1 for a bit now without issue in MSFS2020. Starting yesterday when I started the client it takes me to the login screen but will not allow me to sign on, it is throwing up an error message saying that either the FSAirlines homepage is down (it isn't, I can navigate it and book a flight) or I don't have an internet connection (I do, as seen by posting here and using the website). MSFS connects just fine and FSUIPC7 is up to date, so I am sort of scratching my head here. I have not installed anything new recently, only allowed a windows update, but the client was working after the windows update.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be tripping me up and if so, could you point me in a direction that may help?

Thank you in advance, I appreciate it.

***EDIT*** sometimes the simplest solution is the answer. I re-entered my username and password and it logged right on. Go figure.

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Alan McGaughey
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Re: Client Will No Longer Connect

Post by Alan McGaughey » Sun Jan 22, 2023 1:54 am

Not sure if it's related but I'm having a problem for the past day or so... the client starts ok but then it won't come back out of the sys tray and doesn't seem to be connected to the FSAirlines system.

Tried the flight again without minimising to the sys tray, started ok but then client closed itself part way into flight, may be just a coincidence but it seemed to happen after I increased the sim rate from 1x to 4x.

After further investigation it appears that my CMOS battery was the culprit... all ok now.

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