Adding fuel

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Adding fuel

Post by Yury_EEA_Flyer » Sun Feb 28, 2021 8:38 am

Good day all

Now my company is in top-3 FSA for passenger miles rating, and of course we have watched about other top-companies and their flights.

Our emploeers noticed, that some of the pilots are not true at all. Exactly they increase fuel during the flight. It helps pilots to reach destination with full passengers load. True pilots can fly the same route on the same aircraft just with 50% or even less pax load because FSA have a takeoff-load-weight-restriction and we have to choose, load pax or necessary fuel. As the result some airlines earn more passenger miles, that the true ones.

In order to tackle the problem I suggest FSA Client should totally ban flight, where pilots add fuel after takeoff. Also it would be great to ban users, who do it regularly.
Otherwise flying with FSA for flight competitions became uninteresting. I hope that Joe will solve this problem (the scale of the problem is really big).

Yury Tosunyan, CEO "East European Airlines".

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Re: Adding fuel

Post by Cat » Sun Feb 28, 2021 4:13 pm

Using the statistics board as a scoreboard is essentially useless, like trying to protect your sand castle on the beach from the tide. With all the features of the airlines, there is no real way to "competively compare" airlines to each other. Some fly at 16x speed, others don't allow it.

Using the statistics charts to compare VA's to each other is like comparing apples to oranges to lemons and the whole concept of some one airline "being the best" is totally banana's.

End of my opinion and comment on the subject.

EDITED: OK so it wasn't the end of my opinion and comment on the subject after all :lol:

To all the cheaters who think they are fooling people by cheating so they can be "top dog": You are only cheating yourself and if you have to cheat in order to brag how good you are, you are simply revealing your true character to the world. Much like those who fly at 16x normal speed and then brag about having 10,000 hours in their logbook, you are not impressing anyone who actually cares. Sorry, but the whole cheating thing is just sad as there is nothing to gain here other than an overly inflated ego. If you need to cheat to win at something, go play XBox or PlayStation where you will fit in.

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Re: Adding fuel

Post by joefremont » Mon Mar 01, 2021 6:41 am

We get pulled so many ways in this its impossible to make everyone happy. we have tried to build in some checks on this but there is only so much that can be done. On one hand we have pilots flying some of the more advanced payware aircraft that do funny things with fuel levels, we have had to relax some of the fuel monitoring because pilots should not have there flights aborted because of fuel changes that are no fault of their own, and I agree with that. But then there are those who know this is happening and have figured out how far they can push the system before the system pushes back. There is only so much we can do, we try to provide an economic platform for pilots to try to make things more realistic but if they want to cheat, ultimately they are just cheating themselves. I continue to study whats happening and when I see an opportunity to make an adjustment I will, but its never going to be perfect so please. STOP WORRYING WHAT OTHER AIRLINES ARE DOING, fly your best and be happy with what you have done.

I could turn off the statistics if the complaining continues but that seems a petty thing to do.
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