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Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:47 am
by flightsimer
Press Release: January 18th, 2009

Since our previous press release, a lot has happened with North Eastern Airways. This release will include info on fleet and operations Announcements along with a full financial report for the year 2009.

During the last few days of December, we took delivery of 6 aircraft and in the first two weeks of 2010 we have taken delivery of a further 34. Included in these aircraft are (family names given): five A320's, one A330 and A340 each, three A380's, eight 737's, seven 747's, four 757's, seven 767's, three 777's and one Embraer E195. All of these aircraft will be operated by NEA, NEC or NEX until they are ready for their next maintenance stop. After that point, some will continue to fly with their branch, but others will be sold or leased to other airlines.

Also during this time period, NEA has sold three aircraft all to Platin Wings. These aircraft were apart of a lease to buy deal from the summer of 2009. The aircraft included two Airbus A330-200's and one Boeing 767-300ER. One 767-300ER still remains to be picked up by Platin Wings.

The Boeing 737 that was involved in the December 22nd overrun accident still remains in a hangar at the airport. Its fate is still unknown.

NEA is also announcing at this time the launch of their new Low Coast Carrier, Carribean Star Airlines. CSA will be a wholey owned and operated subsidary of NEA and will employ the same people that flew the region when it was branded as NEA. This new airline will take over with North Eastern Airways current operations in the region out of the St. Thomas hub. Aircraft to be used will be the same current fleet of Boeing 717's, 737's, 767's, Bombardier Q400's and Embraer Ejets stationed there already. These aircraft will be painted in the new livery of CSA but will maintain their current registration. All services will remain the same. The only difference passengers will see is the livery on the aircraft flying them around and some signs in the airports.

Financial info for North Eastern Airways for the year 2009.
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Starting money- obvious
A/c bought- what we spent on aircraft purchases
A/c sales- what we sold aircraft for
Bonus- Pilot Bonuses
Transfers- Aircraft transfers
Repairs- Maintenance costs
reapints- income from repaints (not included with calculations in any other area of financial page)
ads- cost of ads placed
Ending money- obvious
Lease- income from aircraft leases
Profit/loss- income from Leases and flights minus all expenses (ads, repairs, transfers and bonuses)
Flight revenue- income from flights that includes fuel costs
Airline value- increase or decrease in overall airline value ( based on changes in money and aircraft)

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Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:52 am
by flightsimer
Press Release: January 25th, 2009.

Today we are announcing two major events in North Eastern Airways History! One of which is an extreme change to our airline.

Firstly, NEA is very proud to announce that our first humanitarian flight to Haiti has arrived at Port-au-Prince delivering over 320 tonnes of cargo and supplies using our An-225 Myria. The flight originated from New York City, stopped at Pittsburgh and then continued on to Port-au-Prince. Once unloaded, it will fly back to Pittsburgh where it will be reloaded and flown back down. Supplying this aircraft is our Boeing 777-200LRF's which have been flying supplies into Pittsburgh from our other hubs worldwide. We expect to complete these flights after another three round trips.

Second and the biggest announcement of the two.

At this time, after a year of negotiations, North Eastern Airways is announcing that it and Ionathan Airlines have come to an agreement for a merge between the two. Talk started between the two airlines back in January of 2009 and ended late last night with the decision to go ahead with it. With this merge, the combined airline will become the largest airline on FSA in terms of Value and fleet size. The new airline will retain the North Eastern Airways name and ICAO code, but will be adding - Ionathan Airlines to the end to form the new group name North Eastern Airways - Ionathan Airlines. It will be very similar to the binding of Air France-KLM in the way that Ionathan Airlines and North Eastern Airways will continue to operate as normal separately but in a combined effort.

Ionathan Airlines brings the new group 185 aircraft and four hubs in Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes and Corfu; and a hub at Tokyo's Narita Intl Airport. Aircraft Ionathan will be operating will include their current fleet of Airbus A320's, A330-300's and A380's along with the Boeing 737-900ER's, 747-400ER's, 767-300ER's and 777-300ER's. All aircraft will be repainted from their current white and baby blue livery into a new modern livery including: white, light/dark blue and light/dark silver.

Combined, the group will have a 572 strong fleet. Pilots from both airlines will be trained on each others fleets allowing them to cross between the two.

This merge is not expected to be completed for at least another week or two which at that point, Ionathan Airlines will officially become a part of North Eastern Airways. More details on this merge will follow soon.

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Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:03 am
by flightsimer
Press Release: January 29th, 2009

Earlier today, North Eastern Airways and Ionathan Airlines completed there merge of the two airlines creating a new airline group, North Eastern Airways - Ionathan Airlines. The process was started early on Wednesday morning when we started recieving aircraft from Ionathan's fleet. The last aircraft, a Boeing 777-300ER, made its way into NEA's fleet earlier tonight. This was after the last commercial flight was done by the airlines Airbus A330-300 marking the end to five year running of the airline on its own. Ionathan's first flight under the new group is planned for tomarrow. The merger ended quicker than origionally expected taking only 6 days from go ahead to being finished.

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Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:17 pm
by Ionathan
Press Release: February 28th, 2010

North eastern Airways - Ionathan Airlines have established a new hub today, in Warsaw, Polland. The new hub is operated by Ionathan Airlines subsidiary and is populated by 9 aircrafts from the Ionathan's fleet (5xA320, 4xB739ER). Warsaw will offer daily flights to European destinations and combined with Athens (LGAV) will form a dense umbrella above Europe. All our pilots are welcome to explore the Old Continent.

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Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:26 am
by Ionathan
Press Release: March 27th, 2010

Today we are in position to announce a new hub in Bangok, Thailand. Our new hub is operated by 10 widebodies and specifically 2xA333, 2xB744ER, 4xB763ER and 2xB773ER. The new hub is managed by Ionathan Airlines subsidiary and will connect Bangok with major Asian destinations, Europe, Australia and United States. Bangok will work together with our other Asian hubs in Tokyo and Dubai to offer a better coverage of the Asian market and a better connectivity with the other continents. Although it is a Passengers service, it is very close to industrial areas of Hong Kong and Taiwan, therefore more cargo customers are also highly expected.

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Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:32 pm
by flightsimer
Press Release: March 28th, 2010

North Eastern Airways today took delivery of its 25th and final A380, N2519NE, "City of Toulouse". This last A380 was the last frame from an order dating back to early 2008 for 10 A380's which included options for a further 20. fifteen of those were converted to orders and were delivered. We still have the further 5 options remaining which could be take up at a later time. 2519 will be based at our hub in Brazil.

In other news, NEA has found a sole buyer for its entire fleet of 737-900 aircraft, 747-400 aircraft and two 777-300 aircraft. These aircraft were being sold to make room and finance the purchase of twenty 737-900ER's, ten 747-400ER's and two 777-300ER's. All of the replacement aircraft started arriving from Boeing on the 24th of the month and all have since arrived.

North Eastern Airways has also launched a new wholey owned subsidiary to serve the Central American market based out of Mexico City's main airport. Central America Airways (CAA) will use an Airbus and Boeing fleet for mainline operations with a Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer regional fleet flown by Central America Express (CAX). Operations for both carriers will officially start their services on March 31st. CAA will serve cities throughout Central and Latin America and International destinations in Europe, North/South America, Asia and Australia. Origionally, these new services were to be served by North Eastern Airways and North Eastern Express (respectively), but due to some trading laws within Mexico, we had to launch it as a new carrier.

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Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 7:33 am
by flightsimer
Press Release: July 7th, 2010

Since the last press release, a lot of events have taken place within North Eastern Airways. After the collapse of the Canadian carrier BC North, North Eastern Airways acquired the majority of BC North's assets with a few other airlines taking the rest. NEA intends on basing these aircraft in Canada at its Montreal Hub along with a few other hubs around the US.

Last Month, North Eastern Airways acquired Platin Wings. Platin Wings was acquired to save the company from disbandment. Platin Wings will be rebranded into Platinum Wings and will become the carrier for the African Division of North Eastern Airways Group. The base in Turkey will be closed down and all flights will be transferred to North Eastern Airways' hub in Istanbul. The new Platinum Wings will have hubs in Johannesburg-South Africa, Casablanca-Morocco and Lagos-Nigeria with focus cities being in Tunis-Tunisia and Port Louis-Mauritius. Its all Boeing fleet will be made up of 21 737-700ER/800/900ER's, four 747-8I's, 12 757-200/300's, 12 767-200ER/300ER/400ER's, six 777-200LR/300ER's, 18 787-3/8/9's and two MD-83's. Limited service out of Johannesburg has already started. Full operations are expected within the year.

In other news, North Eastern Airways is announcing that its Anchorage Alaska hub will be de-hubbed for its passenger service. Anchorage was NEA's second formal hub. It was used to connect Pittsburgh with Asia and Australia before NEA had the aircraft that could do the trip from its Pittsburgh Hub or their west coast hubs. Anchorage will slowly become a small focus city serving the largest US cities along with our current hubs. The Express services provided out of Anchorage for intra-Alaska flights along with flights to Western Canadian Cities will continue to operate as normal. Also staying will be the Cargo hub as it is still the best gateway for cargo flights to Asia from North America. Our stationed fleet at anchorage will be reduced to one each of the following: 737-800, 737-900ER, 757-200, MD-90 and two MD-83's.

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Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:49 am
by flightsimer
Press Release: September 27th, 2011

North Eastern Airways is finally pleased to announce the introduction of the Boeing 787-8 into our fleet. We have received the first 20 of 75 787's that were ordered from Boeing today in the world's largest initial delivery ceremony along with our fellow launch Customer Manchester International Airways who also took nine of the type.

Tyler Pinkerton, CEO and chief pilot of North Eastern Airways, said today: "I am very glad to finally see this new aircraft entering into commercial service with North Eastern Airways. As launch customer, we worked with Boeing, along with fellow Launch Customer Manchester International Airlines, to develop the best aircraft that will fit our future International needs. We are greatly pleased with the outcome and can’t wait to deploy this game changing aircraft on our flagship Pittsburgh-Los Angeles route tomorrow morning. We expect all of our frequent fliers to be greatly impressed with our 225 seat layout that features 8 First Class Seats, 40 Business Class Seats and 177 Economy Plus seats."

Our first flight with the 787 will operate tomorrow morning on our flagship PIT-LAX run flying North Eastern Airways Flight 25.

The aircraft will be used domestically within the US and on short regional International flights to the Caribbean in the next few days as we complete our International training for the type as required before we can start full Long Haul Intl routes with the aircraft.

2013 is still targeted as the service entry date of our 787-9's on order which accounts for 45 of the 75 787's initially ordered.

Also occurring at North Eastern Cargo is the pre-delivery inspections of our first five Boeing 747-8F's that are currently waiting to be delivered. Delivery is expected to take place sometime next week as NEC and Boeing formally sign the contracts.

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Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:17 pm
by flightsimer
Press Release: March 1st, 2012

North Eastern Airways is very happy to announce that earlier today it took delivery of fifteen BRAND NEW Boeing 747-8I's in the second largest delivery ceremony in Boeing's history, second to our September 27th 2011 delivery of 20 787's. NEA still has fifteen 747-8I's remaining on order with Boeing that will be delivered along with our remaining ten 747-8F's throughout 2012 and 2013.

During his statement at the delivery ceremony in Seattle, Tyler Pinkerton, Founder and CEO of North Eastern Airways said: "It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting here in Seattle signing a contract for twenty Boeing 747-8I's and ten 747-8F's. But in fact that date was November 12th, 2007, four and a half years ago. In that time Boeing designed and built us the flag ship of our fleet and we have increased our order from twenty -8I's and ten -8F's to thirty and fifteen respectively. Today we get to see the newest member of long lived 747 join our fleet and take over the flying its siblings did. Since late last year, North Eastern Airways has been drawing down its 747-400/400ER fleet while in anticipation for the delivery of its new 747-8's. The once prominent fleet of 30 -400/400ER's just stands at 5 aircraft today. We were able to do this by utilizing our current fleet of 777-300ER's and A380's more in the wait for our InterContinental’s.

As more Intercontinentals join the fleet, they will take over the routes not properly served with 777's or A380's and will allow us to open up new routes that our previous 747-400's could not serve.

Tonight will be the long awaited first flight of our Intercontinental on the Pittsburgh-Paris route NEA453. It will return to Pittsburgh as NEA454 tomorrow."