New Co-Pilot Feature Concerns

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New Co-Pilot Feature Concerns

Post by Captain K-Man » Tue Mar 10, 2020 5:14 pm

This looks extremely promising for those with Smart Co-Pilot but I have a huge concern about this feature also. Our pilots earn their rank in our VA by hours logged, good conducted and landing rate averages. This just looks like a huge exploit where they can just log in as a co-pilot with their buddy doing that 12 hour flight but then they just run off to school/movies/dinner/where ever and aren't actually physically present in the cockpit with the other pilot. I don't like the idea of people earning money or log hours without actually being IN the simulator environment doing the work. Is there going to be a way for the admins of the VA to monitor and control this exploiting behavior? Am I just not understanding this feature and it should be of no concern? Let me know and thanks for everything. Best VA software out there imo. Keep up the great work.

I think the easiest way in my mind to control this feature is make it a Pilot based check box. In the same way we assign type rating we could assign which pilots are qualified to use this feature based on those who sign up for our VA and have the Smart-Copilot software or other equivalent multiplayer cockpit sharing plugin. Until something like that is available perhaps making this a VA option check box to turn off or on?

I must stress again that I absolutely reject the idea of a pilot free loading off another pilot who is actually in the cockpit doing all the work. The pilot is learning nothing by letting someone else drag their persona around but they aren't actually there doing any of the work in the cockpit thus they are not earning their hours or pay. That's my 2 cents. Maybe a nickel worth! :D

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Re: New Co-Pilot Feature Concerns

Post by joefremont » Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:02 pm

Thanks for your thoughts on this feature.

I understand your concerns. The problem of pilots that start 12 hour flight and then they just run off to school/movies/dinner/where ever and aren't actually physically present in the cockpit has always been a problem as pilots would take off, climb to cruise altitude, turn on the autopilot and leave until it's time to descend, one of the reasons I have always stood up for those who want to fly at x16, better to be there than leave the cockpit unattended. But as to your specific points.

For this version I have tried to keep it as simple as possible, so the co-pilots are not required to actually do anything. I have thought that we may want the crew members to at least 'check in' on the client, checking to make sure they have the correct AC and airport before we allow it to be recorded. If necessary we could provide an option for the VA to turn off the feature completely, maybe only leaving jump seats available.

As for the money issue, the co-pilots are essentially just dividing the salary the original pilot would have earned, I did not want the fact that the lead pilot wanted to share the flight with others to cost the VA any additional money.
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