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For Pilots and VA's

Post by recce » Wed Nov 30, 2005 8:55 am

Okay this is an idea that has just hit me (it's 2:17am local) and I don't want to lose. I also do not expect to see it implemented any time soon. I'll try and be as clear as possible as it not only helps everyone understand the idea but it also gives Konny a more straightforward approach if he choses to implement this. The gist is simple. All aircraft fit into a category. I'm going to be quite long on this and I apologize in advance.

We've been trying to figure out what pilots can do with their cash. Well how's this for an idea: Pilots can buy aircraft that fit into an appropriate category. The categories are Private, Commercial and Special Usage.

In the P category are all the small or executive type aircraft.
Commercial or C category aircraft are feasable for an airline or cargo operation to use.
S or special usage aircraft are for those pilots who've been here for a very long time.

For this system changes would have to be made to the client. I imagine that a seperate system would have to be instituted for private flights. These flights would function exactly as the "fly booked flight" system does EXCEPT that the fuel costs would be deducted from the pilot's pay and there is no income as the pilot is not carrying paying passengers.

The client must check that a pilot OWNS aircraft and if he does present him with a list of those aircraft that match his location so he can chose which he will fly.
The client must at the end of the flight update the website database with the pilots new location

The website would require more changes. The site would have to have the aircraft categorized. (I'll help on it!)
Pilots would have to have a section for aircraft (most likely under profile)

The pilots upon entering their profile page could much like the VA fleet page maintain their aircraft, buy new or sell aircraft as well as check their status. A pilot having less than 500 hours but having sufficient funds may buy any "P" rated aircraft within their budget. A pilot having more than 500 hours could buy from either the S or P categories. VAs would buy only those aircraft labelled C.
This also opens up the option for flight groups (those who are not technically airlines but like to fly together) although I am not sure how this could be implemented.

I'm going to finish here as I've spent the last 15 minutes laying out this idea for you all to flame vigorously. I am however going to leave you with an INITIAL list of what each aircraft would fall under (as well as some extra's not currently in the database)

Code: Select all

-C-  Airbus	           A318    
-C-  Airbus	           A319-100	
-C-  Airbus	           A320
-C-  Airbus	           A321-100
-C-  Airbus	           A330-200
-C-  Airbus	           A340-200		
-C-  Airbus	           A340-300	
-C-  Airbus	           A340-500		
-C-  Airbus	           A340-600
-CS AirTractor	         AT-802
-C-  ATR	           ATR-42-500
-C-  ATR	           ATR-72
P--   Aviat                 A-1B Husky
P--   Beech               Baron 58
PC   Beech	          18 Volpare
-C-  Beech	          2000 Starship
-C-  Beech	          C99
-C-  Beechcraft	         1900D
-C-  Beechcraft	        King Air 350
-C-  Bell                   206B JetRanger
PC- Beriev               BE103
-C-  Boeing	         727-200
-C-  Boeing	         737-400
-C-  Boeing	         737-600
-C-  Boeing	         737-700
-C-  Boeing	         737-7ET
-C-  Boeing	         737-800	
-C-  Boeing	         737-900
-C-  Boeing	         747-400
-C-  Boeing	         757-200	
-C-  Boeing	         757-300
-C-  Boeing 	         767-200ER
-C-  Boeing	         767-300ER
-C-  Boeing	         767-400ER
-C-  Boeing	         777-200
-C-  Boeing	         777-200ER
-C-  Boeing	         777-200LR
-C-  Boeing	         777-300
--S  Boeing Military Airplane Co.	B-52H Stratofortress	
-C-  Canadair	CRJ-700
-C-  Canadair	Regional Jet CRJ-200	
-C-  CASA	        212-200
-C-  CASA	        235-300	
P--  Cessna	        182
P--  Cessna	        182RG Skylane
-C-  Cessna	        C208B Grand Caravan
P--  Cessna	        R172
-C-  De Havilland     DHC-3 Super Otter
-C-  De Havilland     DHC-6 Twin Otter	
-C-  De Havilland     Dash 8-400
-C-  De Havilland     DHC-8-100
PC- Dessault           Falcon 50
-C-  Douglas	       DC-3
-C-  Douglas           DC-4
-C-  Embraer	      170
-C-  Embraer	      175
-C-  Embraer	      195
-C-  Embraer	      EMB-120
-C-  Embraer          ERJ-135ER
-C-  Embraer	      ERJ-135LR	
-C-  Embraer	      ERJ-140ER	
-C-  Embraer	      ERJ-140LR		
-C-  Embraer	      ERJ-145ER	
-C-  Embraer	      ERJ-145LR	
-C-  Embraer	      ERJ-145XR	
-C-  Fokker	       50 
PC-  Gulfstream   V
PC-  Learjet	        35A
PC-  Learjet	        45
--S  Lockheed Aircraft Corp.	MC-130E
--S  Lockheed Martin Corp.	F-16D Fighting Falcon
-C-  McDonnell Douglas	DC-10
-C-  McDonnell Douglas	MD-11
P--  Mooney           Bravo
-C-  Pitalus            PC-6 Porter
P--  Piper               J3 Cub 
P--  Rans	        S7 Courier
-C- Rockwell Aero  AC500 Shrike
--S  Rockwell International, North	B-1B Lancer
-C-  Saab	        2000

That's just an initial posting of the aircraft. Classification was based on Real World uses as well as passenger seating and useful load. Aircraft usable for cargo could possibly receive PC- (for light aircraft) if/when cargo operations are implented.

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