No departures after 12 months

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No departures after 12 months

Post by fackprod » Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:52 am

Just wondering if a bonus might be added to the first outbound flight from any airport with pax waiting where there has been no departures for greater than 12 months. As of now and as an example, last flight out of KCEC was 16 Sept 2018 with 2448 pax waiting. There are 3 only packages. This is of course is a Regional Airport.

A bonus 20-25% additional revenue might encourage extra global coverage and possibly extra usage of smaller aircraft to suit smaller airports. Increasing traffic at neglected airports adds some more realism as in the real world any airport operators actively seek to increase traffic and services for the community.

VAs are not going to get rich scouting the world for a bonus to service an airport with no flights out in over a year. However where a service is provided a small bonus might be reasonable.

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Re: No departures after 12 months

Post by joefremont » Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:26 pm

Humm, well the current logic is a bit the other way.

Right now the system figures we have so many people in the area, what airport do they want to fly from? To figure out which airport a passenger wants to wait at It uses distance from the town, size of airport and how many recent flights. The more flights leaving an airport the more likely someone is willing to wait there. This is to prevent large but un-used airports from sucking up all the passengers from active airports. Will have to think about that.
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