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Perform a Tour

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 4:36 pm
by joefremont
A pilot asked for a new feature through a support ticket, and since new feature requests are better on the forum I am copying it here.
Also take this opportunity to ask them if they have project to put a section in the system to perform tour that we have in our airline would be to put a series of flights for example one called VFR Spain that has 8 stages, and when they are made to put a Medal and also the same I put them the degree in the will for example be able to also put the logo that it corresponds within the going since it would be very interesting and very nice.
would have no problem in providing something economic in support of the system, as before we worked with a web na called VAM and passed us for this system of Fsairlines which is helpful to have this tool series
A cordial greeting.
Interesting idea, could be part of an 'assignment' system where a manager could assign a pilot specific routes they needed to fly, or would this be more of a voluntary system.

Re: Perform a Tour

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 10:02 pm
by Cat
We had several tours a few years back, "MLB" - visit every Major League Baseball city, "Fly The Capitols" - quite common in USA visit every city state capitol airport, etc. Managers can assemble route packages to make them "inclusive" where there is no way out once you start a tour or have "escape" routes at various points to get back to the airline's normal route system.

The popularity of tours has sort of waned with us, most of our pilots prefer the more challenging mountain routes in the US Pacific Northwest.

Rewards: we issued certificates for tours, posted on our website and pilots were usually paid a bonus for completion via "tip pilot" feature.

Tour idea's are so vast and wide, it should probably be up to each airline to create their own and offer their own rewards for completion.

Just my thoughts - having first hand experience with tours within FSAirlines.


Re: Perform a Tour

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 8:55 pm
by IBE1001
Thank you very much for answering, it seems very well prompt that says which would be global to Fsairlines, but my proposition is that each will have the ability to create our own tours and with the leg you want to put on each tour.
For example, I create a tour which has 8 leg called European capitals TOUR which the first serious LEMD-LFPG, the second the third the fourth LOWI-LIRF EGLL-LOWI LFPG-EGLL and thus consecutively and at the end of all the leg of the tour when a pilot complete them put his medal with a small image so it goes in your pilot tab and give them more reasons to members to fly.
Also have the possibility of creating different tours between IFR flights and VFR flights, but again at the level of virtual airlines separate Fsairlines for all the will.
Excuse me if it is not too good for my groin.
CEO Iberia Virtual Airlines
Anselmo Parras

Re: Perform a Tour

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 3:37 pm
by Cat
English is fine, I can understand it and that is the important part :)

Such a complex topic like tours I think may be best handled outside FSAirlines as what may seem hard to finish to one airline group would be done in a day in another and thus the reward itself meaningless. We all operate in slightly different configurations, some require real world weather all the time, others require only 1x speed while some let you blast away at 16x speed and thus gain a ton of flight hours in a very short time.

When it comes to task specific awards other than the ones already listed, individual airlines should have the freedom to create their own tours and challenges and award their own pilots how they see fit, be it in "pilot tips" (which cost the airline a fortune by the way) or airline website awards like we do..... you don't have to be rich to have your own website - google sites (which is free) works just fine for us. I think our owner pays a small fee for the domain name each year to GoDaddy for

So it's just up to your imagination and creativity. Our owner actually sent all the active pilots coffee mugs with the airline logo this past Christmas as a thank you for flying with him. But not all virtual airlines want to connect in the real world with their pilots .... so that I would say is a rare thing.

To make a long story short, my advice for you is to let FSAirlines be the "financial engine" for your virtual airline and you take it further with your own activities such as tours.

Make sense?

[EDIT - ADDED] - pilot awards do not guarantee you will keep pilots - once they get bored with airline flying because there are no bombs or missiles to blow things up, they will move on regardless of how many awards they have. It takes a special breed to be a true airline pilot, virtual or real world. Real airline pilots fly for the love of flying, not for the pay, glamour or awards. It's either in your blood or it's not. I was "bitten" early in life and flying has been pretty much all I ever thought of most of my life.

Our airline owner gave me the best advice ever when he promoted me to Chief Operating Officer - "if you try to make everyone happy you will only drive yourself crazy". 8)

Re: Perform a Tour

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 5:25 pm
by joefremont
Cat wrote:
Fri May 10, 2019 3:37 pm
Our airline owner gave me the best advice ever when he promoted me to Chief Operating Officer - "if you try to make everyone happy you will only drive yourself crazy". 8)
Great advice, I need to remember that.

We get a good number of suggestions and you have to evaluate how many people would take advantage of the feature vs the effort needed to get it done. This could be complex feature with many different ways to do it. And as Cat says you can always do awards outside of the platform. A more interesting idea to me is set up a 'tour' that a pilot is required to fly, a way managers could give assignments to pilots, but I don't think that's what you're asking for.

Re: Perform a Tour

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 5:35 pm
by Cat
Maybe just a spot in the pilot profile where operators can add images like profile picture? Would that suffice to add "awards" to the pilot's profile page? Then VA's have freedom to add image as they see fit for any particular achievement .... but that may suck up server resources too, always have to consider cost of doing business vs value ..... Premium rates haven't changed in years.

Re: Perform a Tour

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 1:15 pm
by IBE1001
Again many thanks for the reply, I fully understand the suggestion but in my case that I am director of Iberia since 2003 that fuses the first virtual Iberia, at all times have had the tour of our airline for the reason that a lot people l and like to see reflected in his record achieved challenges since around the world don't have the same way of thinking ones fly because we are passionate about aviation and it gives us also have more medals or less medals, but think in other people than you like its got medals.
For me the theme of the tour within the system of I have solved since I created as if it were a HUB and in that part I've got flights that corresponds to them, to not complicate the system I see very positive comment from Jack about the chance of having the CEO the option of putting small images to upload to the system and put it to the drivers who finish the TOUR.
then if it is true that we would have the problem of aircraft that we have, we would have to put different types in the airport of departure of the tour which would be busy and have lots of money for a large fleet, from what I see the system has a function for which a pilot or can rent a plane and fly from anywhere that it would be a cost for the pilot which is acceptable, but after trying it I see that to carry out this kind of flights the system does not send revenues to the going only to the pilot but I think it would be very difficult to integrate it into the system income for the VA.
Also as CAT says about the topic of the web have separately its own system for me is very difficult for the reason that from 2003 to 2017 I had web master at my going, but since I cannot find a person to perform these types of work it s on with php and mysql that I with 59-year-old that I have is impossible for me to learn this type of programming, by which, after much effort and read many tutorials have had to learn how to use Linux to have my own website but developed with wordpress and not be make calls to the database.
The topic of the server there is no problem because I have a VPS server for my goes without restrictions of size or speed up and down which I put it at the disposal of Fsairlines if needed.
In my going there can be never any kind of deception since the rules are very clear that they have to fly x 1 simulation and fly on Ivao or Vatsim, networks so it does not allow flights offline simply to add hours.
As I've said before I'm in this since 2003 with Iberia goes, I have the maximum rating that exist in Ivao as pilot and driver and I've been Supervisor and Director of Training so my experience is quite high.
Anselmo Parras CEO Iberia Virtual Airlines
best regard