Ticket Factors and Seat classes

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Ticket Factors and Seat classes

Post by joefremont » Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:37 pm

One thing we have done to make older aircraft economically viable is give a 'ticket factor' that increases the revenue. Later I started creating custom seat layouts that get around the 1/2 ration for business seats and 1/4 for first class since before the 50's there were was no such things as economy seats so I have been working on a way to rationalize this and make it more consistent so that others can create that all first or all business layouts for the older aircraft. So here is what I am planning.

The ratio for swapping economy seats with business and first class will be variable value that can be set by aircraft with a default of 1:2 and 1:4.

All aircraft with a single passenger seat it will be all first class (1/1).
Single engine aircraft with 8 passengers and multi engine with 16 passengers or fewer will be all business class (1:1) with with a sliding ratio down to until it reaches 1:2 at 24 or 48 passengers. First class will match with a 1:2 ratio for 8 or 16 seat aircraft reducing to 1:4 at 24 or 48 seat.

All piston engine aircraft will have a first class seat ratio of 1:2 and business seat ratio of 1:1.25 for four engine aircraft and 1:1.5 for others.

For ticket factors pre-1960 aircraft will have 1.5, pre-1980 aircraft 1.25 and turbine helo's 2.

The BBJ type aircraft will have custom seat factors and ticket factors to keep them comparable with the standard passenger versions and the only other aircraft to get 1:1 first class factors are the Concorde and pre-1940 large sea planes.

Other aircraft can always be updated on a case by case basis.

I have been thinking a lot about the Tu-144, the Soviet Concorde. Its probably an aircraft we should not have allowed in the platform as it never really went into regular service. The only reason it 'entered service' is because for political reasons the government ordered the government owned manufacturer and airline to put it into service before it was ready. The 12 aircraft combined did only 55 revenue flights before it was grounded as a passenger aircraft for safety reasons. You can't compare it to the European Concorde which operated for 27 years and the 7 BA aircraft alone did over 50,000 transatlantic crossings. For those who operate it, don't worry I am not going to delete it, but I have marked them as 'special use' so we can restrict new airlines from having them and I don't think they should have the same economic boost that the Concorde gets.

I should get this rolled out soon.

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Re: Ticket Factors and Seat classes

Post by flugkapitan » Wed May 01, 2019 1:22 am

Hi Joe,

Haven't checked the forum for quite some time, so trying to catch up.

I like your proposal for older aircraft,


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