Maintenance center comments.

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Maintenance center comments.

Post by joefremont » Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:17 pm

A pilot asked some questions about the maintenance centers and they were more suggestions rather than bugs, so I am going to paste the question and answer it here since this is the place to discuss feature changes.
Hi there. First of all great work on new features and thank you for putting the time into the work. there is just few suggestions that we think could benefit us and you better:
1. it would help if there is a summarized list of all available maintenance centers in one place. It is really frustrating to look for maintenance centers.
2. Due to the new system it is good that we need to maintain our fleet in order to be active in the market but involvement of fsairlines itself does no good for the competition and drive us out of the market. It could be a challenge if fsairlines stops its sales operation for a test period.
3. one another thing, i noticed that no matter the touch down rate, the reduction in aircraft status is the same. no matter if i touch 30 or 300 it would be 0.1 per one or two flights.
4. at last is it possible to make our flight plans invisible to non-member users?
again thank you for your great work and keep it up.
In response to your comments
1) Good idea, I will add another option to the maintenance center page for 'all airlines'.
2) This was something we had to weigh carefully. I wanted to add the new feature but not force everyone to change if they did not want to. So the old way of maintaining is still there, but the new way is less expensive, if done right.
3) There is always a small reduction for every flight, even a perfect one. it depends on the multiplier used and at 100x a perfect flight one can expect 0.1 reduction (1x its only 0.01).
4) Well I am not sure the use case for this. In the real world airlines would know who they are competing against and the public, who would be buying the tickets on your flight would need to know about them.

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