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Survey Results

Post by joefremont » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:05 pm

The answer to the questions about penalties in the beta client...

Landing Light Penalty:
Like it: 39%, Too Strict 30%, Remove: 19%

Navigation Light Penalty:
Like it: 40%, Too Strict 20%, Remove: 19%

Hard Landing Penalty:
Like it: 48%, Too Strict 21%, Remove: 13%

Low Altitude Penalty:
Like it: 31%, Too Strict 19%, Remove: 23%

High Speed Penalty:
Like it: 36%, Too Strict 27%, Remove: 24%

If you notice these don't add up to 100% I have left off the percent that said no opinion, so if you want that number do the math.

We got responses from 501 pilots and I wish the answers were more conclusive, in all cases more were in favor of keeping the penalty that removing it but the margin was different. I have numbers weighted by flights the pilot took but they are not significantly different that the raw results. I also have numbers weighted by flights taken using the beta, they are generally more in favor of the changes but that's likely since they choose to use it. The reason I did this survey is that I often get criticism that I ask the small set of pilots who use the forum rather than the wider set of pilots who use the site.

So for the new penalties, Hard landing was the most popular so we will keep it. Low altitude was the least popular, but since it came about as a way to combat abuses some pilots make I will keep it but make it less strict. The navigation light penalty is reasonably popular but many pilots have contacted me because the older aircraft they use don't have them or commented on the fact that in the real world they really are not mandatory, so this penalty will be removed.
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