Aircrafts leasing and more ideas

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Aircrafts leasing and more ideas

Post by Ionathan » Mon Nov 28, 2005 11:22 am

A good idea would be the ability to lease aircrafts. Airlines could post in a leasing pool aircrafts they own for leasing purposes and those interested could pay some amount for using (temporarily own) the leased aircraft. The amount could be then transfered to the owner's account. After the predefined time has passed the aircraft could be automatically transfered to the owner again. This would enhance the market experience a lot and help small airlines providing new opportunities.

Airlines could receive some back a percentage of an aircraft's price as soon as they purchase it providing it is a bigger one (maybe more than 100 or 200 passengers capacity), This would simulate government motivation to the airlines for offering more service to the people.

Airlines could offer specific flights in a sharing pool for codeshare receiving a percentage of the earned amount each time soem other airline flies the specific flight. This meaning of codeshare could be expanded to both the flight and the aircraft for the specific flight actually makes both flight and aircraft shared. This differs from my previous (leasing) suggestion as the aircraft is shared and not exclusively owned.

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