Managing-Tool for FSA

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Managing-Tool for FSA

Post by Lilienthal » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:26 pm

About one year ago I started developing a little tool to make the management of a VA easier (for example the sheduling).
Because of many factors, I never completed it ... there was no time for flying around or developing that idea further.
But now there's time again and I'm thinking about finnishing that project - or restart it (maybe that'll be faster because of my chaotic documentation last time :wink: ).

Of course it would only make sense, if you're interested in it. I wanted to implement the following features:

- AC/Fleet-Management
- Routes-Management
- Sheduling (with export so that the shedules can be imported into FSA)

For the flightplans for example you'd enter the desired departure and arrival and the aircraft types to service this route. Depending on the desired aircrafts and their performances the tool would calculate the Block-time for that flight (distance = great circle). For Example:

Your flight XYZ123 goes from London to Paris and your pilots can choose between two different aicraft to fly it. Let's say ones cruise-speed is .82 and the other ones .78, also their typical climb and descent speeds/rates vary. The tool would now calculate average values both planes can use to perform this flight. Depending on that average values, the calculated distance and the possible taxi-time (depending on the airport size) the tool calculates the block-time for this flight.
If all shedules are finnished, the flights can be exported to be uploaded to FSA.

That's the basic idea.

I'd like to know, if a tool like that would be usefull for you and what features you'd need. If there's enough feedback, I'll start working on it ...

Regards from Germany,

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Re: Managing-Tool for FSA

Post by asamra » Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:51 am

dear Tom

that's an interesting idea

we at Sunwings Express will be interested in such a tool


Nelson SUX104

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