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Post by ygor_ma » Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:15 am

Hi guys its me again!
Talking about the routes creation now!

Ok, the main ideia is:
When we create a route we have to put our departure and our arrival airport and some aircraft restrictions, i would like to put this features:
- Alternative Airport (I know that we can put on the remarks, but it will be more interesting if we have a place to put that)

- Hour SELECTION (When we create a route, we need to put a single hour only, it would't be more easier if FSAirlines have a "table"(or a selection mode like A/C Type kind) and we only select the hours that we want to create, and when we book a flight on FSAirlines, pilots will choose 3 things: Route, Hour, and Aircraft. With this, high staff will not spend hours creating multiple routes, for diferent times.)

- Days (Ok, i don't know if this is true in real life, but i think that some Heavy kind aircraft have a hour restriction to fly during a week, so the propose is: when we select the aircraft for a route we must choose 3 day for a Heavy kind aircraft, 6 day for a Medium kind, and we can leave 7 for a light kind. That is just an exemple!)

- Food kind (This is just a diferent idea, we could choose the food, like this: - standard food: a food that is created for save high staff time, so it will be a food that is not bad, but is not so good, not so cheap but not too expansive, this food will leave a Medium level of passengers satisfaction. - Burger: cheap, not so good, low level satisfaction. Etc... A crazy idea but i found it interesting)

That it!

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Re: Routes

Post by Dyl963 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:51 pm

I love all those~!!!! I Second that! haha

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