Airline challenges

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Airline challenges

Post by afqr2007 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:18 pm

Hi all

my suggestion is for challenges which can be undertaken by any airline....

Similar to the events but you accept a contract saying that you will complete the challenge in the set time or your airline will be fined.

For example

Sprayson Airways could create a challenger requesting that 2 Millions litres of Diesel must be flown from coventry (EGBE) to London City (EGLC). This can be flown by any aircraft type within 2 weeks but due to airport size the biggest which can be flown is around the 737.

This will then be shown on a challenge page and any airline can choose to accept it or not, for the reward there are to ways which it can be done.

1. the airline making the challenge pays
2. it is automatically paid within a certain amount.

The other thing i cant think of how to do is how to record how many litres are being flown, i believe it is possible but might be to hard to implement

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