Corporate flights

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Corporate flights

Post by vsg494 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:11 pm

My best congratulations for your client and website FSAirlines.
My name is sébastien from VSA Group (VSG494)
It's a great pleasure for my pilots and i to fly with it.
We flew a lot of sorties with many aircrafts on FSAirlines..
Our VA is active on the network with FSAirlines and IVAO as well.

But we had an issue with the flights with Corporate birds.
We lost money when we did flights with aircraft like Citation X or Learjet or BBJ...
Cos' the ticket price is the same, if you want to load correctly the aircraft, as a regular flight on a common liner
If we increase the price about 15%, you fly with 33% seats empty.. and the flight is not profitable.

Could you deal with that...
For e.g. : i'd appreciate if a flight with a BBJ can be 100% loaded even if the ticket price is twice more than the same flight with a B737 or else..
Obviously the same for all kinds of bizzjets like C750 Learjet PC12 A139CJ etc .....
Thx a lot for your cooperation..
Once again thx for this wonderful FS tool..

Long life to FSAirlines


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Re: Corporate flights

Post by Quantum » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:50 pm


Certain aircrafts on FSA have already been recognised as needing an income enhancement for various reasons including those used for corporate operations. Please take a look at this post which gives you the background info and list of a/c which have a ticket factor applied :- ... 145#p26145

The A318/9's have recently been added to the database and hadn't had a TF applied to them but they have now. The BBJ1/2/3 and Citation X/XLS all had TF's applied to them. The one revenue flight I see you did in the Citation X had the TF applied but as it was a fresh a/c to you, you needed to fill it from empty and typically most a/c on FSA will lose money on first flights as you need to load your fuel reserves. If you look at the block fuel used, you will see that had the a/c already had enough fuel onboard so you just needed to load the block requirement it would have earned nicely. Remember you do not need to enhance the fares, just use standard and then the TF multiplier will be applied. The PAY2 and PC12 should not need the TF.


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Re: Corporate flights

Post by flightsimer » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:51 pm

im pretty sure all business aircraft get a ticket factor which increases the end profit of the tickets. so if it has a ticket factor of 2 and the tickets sell for $100 dollars, on the route it will show $100 but when you do the flight it will calculate it as $200.

all the bbj's have a ticket factor of 2, the E600 has one of 3. something is wrong with your guys setup because i fly alot of business jets and have always made profits with them. they dont make alot, but they make about the same as their airline counterparts do.
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