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Post by joefremont » Wed Nov 29, 2006 12:05 am

I was thinking that we should change the way that flying penalties are assessed to be calculated based on the amount of time the penalty occurs rather than a fixed percent if it happens once. So for landing lights off below 1000ft the penalty could be 1% + 0.1% * number seconds lights are off. For speed above 250 when below FL100 the speed could be included in the penalty calculation so it could be the sum of 0.01% * time interval * (speed - 250). The penalties could each max out at 5% each.

This occurred to me the other day when I forgot to turn on my landing lights before takeoff. While annoyed at myself for forgetting I could then leave the lights off the entire flight as there would be no additional penalty.

Additionally I would suggest that rather than having a penalty for lights on above 10000ft it should be landing lights on for more than 30 minutes.
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Post by ivanT3 » Thu Nov 30, 2006 2:47 am

While I understand your point of view on this, I just use a list and don't have a problem {Oh, I'm sure I'll screw it up sometime in the future :wink: }. The Elapsed time thing is a cool idea in general though as a way of measuring a given penalty . I would like to see, as the software develops and more features/monitoring are possible, things like, Using more stringent airspace rules and approach procedures. Over time, It would be great to have real time ATC and to be able to see each other in real or, almost real time as we fly. I know this is way down the road but in the end, I personally would want more rules .. Not for the sake of rules but to make the experience more convincing. If for instance, I was cleared for an ILS approach and told to follow the Aircraft on final and had been monitoring the tower and knew it was Joefremont in front of me, That kind of thing would be very hip and it would give us all more stories to tell and so on..

I know I'm talking about expensive, cutting edge stuff about which I know very little but, it's fun to dream 8) 8)



Post by AK_Dave » Thu Nov 30, 2006 4:21 am

Don't we already have real time ATC available from VATSIM? I know, I know, sometimes it's hard to find controllers where you're flying, but you can still see other aircraft and communicate over UNICOM or on a private voice channel. You also get to observe airspace rules and use actual instrument approaches, etc. The landing lights penalty, I've made peace with, but here's one more thought.....if you occasionally forget the landing light until after 10,000 ft, does your reputation as a pilot really suffer? Do real world airline pilots talk about one another like...."Oh Bob....geez, the old landing light forgetter. Whooo boy, who ever hired him?" :lol: . I think landing with the gear up :shock: should whack your reputation .....forgetting the landing lights till 12000 feet :oops: .....well, maybe not.

But as I said, it's really not too bad since you have up to 9000 feet of climbing in which to remember to shut them off.

Have I mentioned how much fun this FlyNET thing is?

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