FLight Diversions

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FLight Diversions

Post by joefremont » Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:02 pm

I know implementing flight diversions has been an often discussed and much requested new feature for flynet, here are some idea's I had on how it should be implemented in its simplest form.

1) Some time before the aircraft lands the pilot, using the flynet client or flynet website enters the ICAO code of the airport that the flight will divert to.
2) Once the flight has landed the pilot can with the client select 'fly booked' flight and fly from the diverted airport to the final destination.
3) If the flight from the diverted airport to the final destination is not completed within 24 hours the flight is recorded as landed at the wrong airport.

Some optional features.

1) CEO could enter a list of allowed diversion airports, this could be a general list, a list for each aircraft type or a list for each specific flight.
2) The client could be modified to allow only allow diversion if the aircraft has suffered a failure of some kind or if it calculates that the aircraft does not have enough fuel to make it to the planned destination. Some provision would have to be included for diversions caused by weather.

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