Flight out of range

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Flight out of range

Post by galdeano » Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:30 pm

Hello, it's nice to be part of this platform.

I would like to have the possibility to book a flight without the "out of the aircraft range" block.

I understand that is the realistic procedure but some things could be more challenging, like for example a flight from LIRF to NZAA with a B744, under certain e precise circumstances like restricted number of passengers and cargo.

The risk will remain and if i don't arrive to final airport, so a that point, could be normal to receive a huge penalty.
So, considering that, i suggest to not block extreme long range flight plan, but to show a acknowledgment and admission in order to accept the risk.

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Re: Flight out of range

Post by joefremont » Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:47 pm

We used to do that, but what would happen is pilots would end up flying routes that were twice the aircrafts range nonstop with sim models were the fuel flow scalars had either been manipulated or were not accurate in the first place. I have thought of adding this back when there are technical stops defined and the distance between the departure, tech stop and arrival airports are all within range and some sort of penalty if you don’t make the stop, but if you know you will need to stop you can always break the route into two.
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Re: Flight out of range

Post by zeke78 » Sat Mar 07, 2020 10:20 pm

Hi there,

I also would suggest that the system would take into account the tech stop for the distance. If we're trying to be realistic, then for example a cargo flight, the cargo loaded is intended for the destination and not the tech stop. But if I have to insert two flights for both legs, then the system will load cargo for the tech stop and offload it there....that would defeat the purpose of being called a tech stop. Your suggestion of take into the account the tech stop for the distance would make sense.

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Re: Flight out of range

Post by Cat » Sun Mar 08, 2020 2:35 pm

You can load your aircraft for any stop you desire, I do it all the time. Just use "airport packages" tab and select your desired destination and search packages for the proper size. Then when you stop at the first stop for fuel or to drop off some packages there as well, you will still have the bulk of your package cargo on board for your final destination. Be advised - if you are tracking your finances on separate sheets like we do - that the flight income of that first flight WILL CHANGE once the packages are finally delivered. You don't get paid for package cargo until they are finally delivered.
In many cases with cargo only aircraft, that first flight will actually show a flight revenue LOSS until the packages are delivered.... But it will flip to positive once the package income is added back to that flight after delivery is completed.

The nice option of having separate routes instead of one large one with tech stops is when you get to stop 1 you may find package cargo that has cropped up for another stop on the route to final destination and if you have room, you can then bop over there and deliver those and possibly top off the plane again with more packages for final destination. With one big route and tech stop, you will be auto routed to your final destination with no option to go elsewhere unless you divert or have that 2nd stop included as a possible tech stop. We have found it easier just to make shorter routes and give our pilots many options.

But what works for one VA may not be what other VA's desire, so apples n oranges, you just need to do what suits your operation the best.


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