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New kid here

Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 5:05 am
by HHJ
Hey everyone

Kinda chanced upon the website whilst browsing through FS-related websites, and I found it quite interesting so I decided to sign up. I read through all of the tutorials/guides on the forum, have yet to go through the wiki... but seems quite a bit complex to how I have been flying (virtually).

Anyways, decided to join up the forum, introduce myself - high school kid, average all around :p but quite into computer.
I love flying... but real-life seems too complex for me, so I guess I am sticking with virtual for now.

I would totally join up an virtual airline and start flying, but the usb ports all died for some reason, so no joystick, which pretty much makes me unable to fly - but I am supposed to get a new laptop soon, so back to flying sometime soon?

I find the flying communities/real or virtual fascinating - so much knowledge can be passed - and I hope FSAirlines is one of those as well :D

Anyways, blabbering too much, so I guess it was nice to come across the community and hopefully I can fly soon :D

Re: New kid here

Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 4:14 pm
by j4cko56
Feel free to join LVA, we have been looking for some enthusiastic pilots for ages, and i think im round about the same age :)

Jack Lindley - CEO, Legacair Virtual Airlines