Howto convert old FS sceneries for FSX?

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Howto convert old FS sceneries for FSX?

Post by MadJosch » Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:55 pm

Is here a pro that can explain how I can import/convert/change/whatsoever a FS2004 - made scenery file to a working FSX scenery?
I tried to simply insert it like any other scenery. It shows up and looks almost correct - BUT the framerate drops about 90% from a 30-40fps to 3 :(
And when I start to move around (if you can call it "move" with 3 fps), the taxiways for example seem to "vanish". Also the (normally) yellow taxi lines are grey...

Any ideas?


as far as I could find out it seems that the scenery is much older than FS2004 :( although it displayes in FSX...
I tried some scenery editors like AFX, ADE SCASM and BglAnalyze. Neither of them was able to convert...

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