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Hi and hello :)

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:57 am
by savagegrave
Just thought after being here a short while id quickly introduce myself...

I live on the surrey / sussex borders in southern England. Ive been a flight simmer since flightsim for windows 3.1 (fantasic... so miss meigs field). It wasnt untill fs 95 i playued online then after 98 Flight sim took a back seat untill the release of FSX. I orginate from SFEU where i flew with afew airlines to get my game face back and decided after being forced to fly or be kicked to find a friendlier server to host my own VA onto. So here I am. The proud CEO of Imagine Airways :)

Nice to meet you all.

From what Ive met of you all here and the dealings ive had with you all u seem a nice bunch. For the admins, techs and mods... keep up the fantastic and great work!