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freighter ranges...

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:28 am
by flightsimer
guess i gotta go through this again...
i noticed that the 777F's range was reduced back down to 4800nm... so i submitted the edit to put it back to 8394, which based on the the fuel capacity is what the 777F could fly with max fuel. this was just a simple calulation based off of the -200LR which uses the same exact engines and has the same exact MTOW. (i just did, (9380/53515)*47890) and got 8394, which seemed about right since if the 777F has a lower MTOW than the -300ER but has the same fuel quantity, it should be able to fly a little further...)which if there is a more precise method or number then use that obviously.

now, if you look at every other freighter on the site (except the 747-400F which it too has been changed back to max payload range), they are set to the max range that they could fly with full fuel, not payload.

now i got this response...
Aircraft Edit Declined
Boeing 777-200LRF
Sorry, the boeing website list the 777 freighter with a range of 4885nm. If you have another source, please send a web link to the page to
which im not sending to because the last time i had to wait 7 days for a response, when everyone always checks the forums...

and ill bring up this old post from the past on the same issue... which at the time was a misunderstanding on my part of what was being said... so i editted out the shouting or comments made directly to me, that didnt really have to do with the problem.

from Chris:
FSAirlines rules are pretty specific - range posted in the aircraft is supposed to be the MAXIMUM range for the aircraft with full fuel, not the LOADED range of the aircraft loaded to maximum payload.

The range quoted by Boeing for the 777-200LRF is with full volumetric payload. This means that the plane is maxed out because the maximum number of containers have been loaded on, not becuase the maximum amount of weight has been loaded. Thus, an airplane loaded to max weight payload would not even be able to go as long as the number you state. Boeing is not doing the "normal" thing though. This was done for one reason - the airports are more interested in that number. However, in all official publications, it will show maximum range with full fuel and maximum range with full payload. What is out now is just a airport specifications guide for the airports to plan by for its service. The airlines only care about the maximum fueled range and the range with maximum payload.

As for the other aircraft, if they're not using the Max Fuel range, then that was the error of us when we approved the ranges, however I know on the aircraft I edited myself were direct from the book and was the max fuel range for the aircraft.
777F's current range is 4885nm in the database.
quoted straight from the 777F at boeing.
The 777 Freighter is capable of flying 4,880 nautical miles (9,038 km) with a full payload
dont have to respond, but was just bringing this to light...

Re: freighter ranges...

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:31 am
by CAPFlyer
I'll fix it (again)...

I don't know who accepted the change in the first place to drop it, but I will make sure to remind everyone not to play with ranges on established aircraft.

Re: freighter ranges...

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:34 am
by flightsimer
ok thanks lol

quick question... the method i use, would that be the correct one to figure a basic range?

Re: freighter ranges...

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:27 pm
by CAPFlyer
No, that's a good method for finding it.