Complex/payware aircraft refuelling

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Complex/payware aircraft refuelling

Post by Quantum » Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:57 am

Attention All Pilots

Certain flight sim aircraft models have complex refuelling that require their own refuelling module, PMDG MD-11 as an example. The client can, in some circumstances, have difficulty in loading/reporting the correct amounts of fuel on the aircraft. This is not a fault of the client but due to the way the simulator model has been built/programmed. To avoid getting flights reported as cheating due to incorrect fuel usage, we recommend the following :-

1. Use the aircraft module/flight simulator interface to refuel your aircraft BEFORE you start the client.

2. Do NOT use the simple refuel option in the client

3. When you start your flight in the client, the client will compare the fuel in the simulator and use those amounts for reporting.

4. DO NOT alter the amount of fuel in your aircraft using the client interface.

5. If you find you need to adjust your fuel after you have started the client, exit the client and start again as per step 1.

5. When you start the flight, check that the client is reporting the correct amount of fuel that you are expecting.


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