Some information about FlyNET - Important !!!

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Some information about FlyNET - Important !!!

Post by Konny » Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:58 pm

Just a little introduction to the functions of FlyNET:

1. Info for pilots

Having filled out the register-form you can immediately start your career. You only have log in and go to the VirtualAirlines-page. There you have to decide if you want to join an existing airline, or create a new one. But before applying to an airline, I would suggest to take a look into the database on the main page. There you can look up all the information about the flightplan, fleet, salary, etc.

If you want to change your current location, you can do this by buying a ticket on the profile-page.

In order to fly, you first have to book a flight. On the "book flight"-page you can see all the flights which depart from your current location and where an appropriate aircraft is available.
When you booked a flight, you have 24h to take off. After that, the flight will be canceled and you have to pay the income from the tickets from your own money.

2. The FlightSim-Client
To get a flight done, you have to download the current version of our FlyNET-Client.
First, start the Flight Simulator and place your aircraft with the parkingbrake set on the departure airport. Then, start the flynet.exe, log in, and choose "fly booked flight" from the menu. Having selected the fuel amount, you can start flying. But remember, the client needs to be running all the time during the flight, which ends when you set the parkingbrake at the destination airport.
You will find detailed info about the client in another thread.

3. Info about managing an airline
When you create a new airline, you have to set the name, ICAO-code, pilot salary an the country where the airline is based in, which affects the registration of the aircrafts you buy. But currently only german and american registrations are included. So every non-german airline will get american registrations.
The pilot salary is given in percent of the income the airline gets from a flight. E.g. if you put in 15, the pilots will get 15 per cent of the flight's income.
Additionally you can upload a logo of your airline and put a link to your website on the airline-page.
All these settings can later be set via the edit-image on the va-page.

There are currently four va-ranks:
  • Pilot: Doesnt have any special rights
  • Flight Dir(ector): Can insert and edit flights.
  • Manager: Additionally can buy/sell/transfer/repair aircrafts
  • CEO: Additionally can accept, decline, promote and degrade members
Maybe some words about the flights:
How many passengers you get depends on several factors: Airline-Reputation, a bit of luck and the ticket price. The ticket price will be compared to the standard price and the price other virtual airlines want.

Ok, I think this should be enough for a small introduction. If you still have some questions, feel free to ask in the forums.

And now have fun with our system :-)