Parking Fees

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Parking Fees

Post by joefremont » Thu Sep 02, 2021 4:41 pm

We have been doing parking fees for a couple of years now but questions come up from time to time on how they are caclulated.
It has been discussed in other topics but though I would make a new one here so its easy to find.

I tried to keep parking fee calculation as simple as possible, and of course to keep the number of transactions down its only calculated at the end of the month.

Its based on 1000 kg of MLW per day.
Super Airports 8 v$
International 4 v$
Intercontinental 3 v$
Regional 2 v$
Municipal/private/military 1 v$
Storage 0.25 v$

Fleet base is reduced by 1/2 (unless its a storage airport)

Also if you have an airport center (Office, Maintenance Center, Warehouse) at the airport there is an additional 10% discount.
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