High Speed Taxi Penalty on Pause

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High Speed Taxi Penalty on Pause

Post by Cat » Tue May 04, 2021 10:00 pm

Be advised, one and all..... you cannot pause the sim with the aircraft exceeding basic taxi speed limits as the "clock" on which FSAirlines determines when to flag you for a high speed taxi DOES NOT STOP with the pause! It simply notes the time from the last parameter sensed and when the threshold for high speed taxi time has been hit, it will flag you even if you are still in pause!

The same holds true for takeoff rolls, DO NOT pause the sim after exceeding taxi speed limits until you are airborne!

So if you want to pause the sim for any reason after landing (say you want to think about whether to keep that flight and the hard landing you just had), make sure you are down below 25 knots and THEN pause the sim. DO NOT STOP and set the parking brake, that will seal the flight report in cement!

Just an FYI from the experinces of past years and the woes of one of our pilots today.

UPDATE JUNE 6: I got one of these today while in pause in a GA airplane (private flight) - off the ground but not above 500' AGL.

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