Revenue Multiplier

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Revenue Multiplier

Post by joefremont » Thu Jan 07, 2021 12:34 am

There have been a few questions on how the revenue multiplier works when in dynamic mode, it's been stated in other threads over time but though it was a good time to recap.

The basic multiplier starts with 1000x and drops one 'step' for every 500m in assets the VA has, proceeding through 700x, 500x, 300x, 225x, 150x, 100x, 75x, 50x, 35x until it bottoms out at 25x at 5B in assets. If your not using the advanced finance option (which you are if you only have a gold or trial account). It drops by one additional step.

So if your VA has 2,500,000,000 in assets your max multiplier will be 150x, but if you only have a gold account it will drop one more to 100x.

The purpose of the multiplier is to help small airlines grow quickly at first, but as you get bigger you don't quite need as much help.
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