Maintenance Centers

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Maintenance Centers

Post by joefremont » Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:38 am

I just released the new Maintenance Center feature and I wanted to describe how it works.

Maintenance centers allow you to repair your aircraft at a reduced rate, but a center can only work on a limited number of aircraft at a time. As always if there is no maintenance center available or you do not want to wait for space in an existing center you can always pay the full price and the system repair aircraft without delay as before.

You can build a center, they can be one of four sizes.

Build cost: 1,600,000 v$
Maintain up to 8,000 kg (2 size points)
Monthly Cost 200,000 v$

Build cost 14,400,000 v$
Maintain up to 72,000 kg (6 size points)
Monthly Cost 1,800,000 v$

Build cost 32,400,000 v$
Maintain up to 162,000 kg (9 size points)
Monthly Cost 4,050,000 v$

Extra Large
Build cost 57,600,000 v$
Maintain up to 288,000 kg (12 size points)
Monthly Cost 7,200,000 v$

The build cost includes buying the building and equipment plus hiring all the staff. The monthly cost includes all the costs needed to keep the center open. You may note the monthly cost is roughly the standard cost to maintain one aircraft of the centers maximum size, and the build cost is eight times that. In order to build a maintenance center you must have 'advanced finance' active.

Once the center is built it can maintain aircraft at 25% the standard cost. A center can work on a number of aircraft based on what I am calling size points, an aircraft's size points are calculated as the square root of the dry weight of the aircraft divided by 2000, rounded up. To calculate the weight from size points, the formula is points squared times 2000kg, so one size point is from 1-2000kg, two is 2001-8000kg, etc. So an extra large center can work on one A380 or twelve Cessna 172's at one time (or one 747-400 and two C172's).

Here are some of the size points for some of the more popular aircraft in the system.

Cessna 172 - 727kg, 1 points
Beech Baron 58 - 1,760kg, 1 points
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan - 2,336kg, 2 points
DeHavilland Canada DHC-6-300 - 3,200kg, 2 points
Beech King Air 350 - 4,320kg, 2 points
Douglas DC-3 - 7,323kg, 2 points
ATR ATR-72-500 - 12,950kg, 3 points
Bombardier DHC-8Q-400 - 17,185kg, 3 points
Lockheed L-049 Constellation - 25338kg, 4 points
Boeing 737-700 - 37,648kg, 5 points
Airbus A320-200 - 41,244kg, 5 points
Boeing 737-800 - 41,413kg, 5 points
Boeing 737-900ER - 44,676kg, 5 points
Airbus A321-200 - 46,856kg, 5 points
Boeing 757-200 - 62,100kg, 6 points
Boeing 767-300ER - 90,011kg, 7 points
Airbus A330-300 - 119,831kg, 8 points
Boeing 777-200LR - 145,149kg, 9 points
Boeing 777-300ER - 167,829kg, 10 points
Boeing 747-400 - 178,756kg, 10 points
Boeing 747-8I - 220,128kg, 11 points
Airbus A380-800 - 270,364kg, 12 points

While aircraft owned by the same fleet as the center always pays the standard 25% rate, owners can set different rates from 25%-100% for aircraft of other fleets in the same VA, partner airlines or other airlines. The fleet owning the center would then keep, as profit, the difference between the cost the owner of the aircraft paid and the standard 25% cost.

Once a center is full, other aircraft will be in a queue to be worked on. Once one aircraft is finished, the first aircraft in the queue that can fit in the center will be started.

At any point, you can close a center and the monthly cost will stop. Aircraft currently being worked on will be finished, but any aircraft in the queue will be removed from the queue. A closed center can be reopened for twice the monthly cost.

If you no longer want the center, you can scrap it for half the cost of building it.

For the sake of simplicity I did not add features for buying and selling maintenance centers between airlines, but could do so in the future if there is the demand.

Note: The previous how to became more of a bugs thread so I moved that to 'bugs' and recreated this one.

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Re: Maintenance Centers

Post by Matthew » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:17 am


I LOVE IT, you got it right on both things! Congrats to you and the Flynet team (fsairlines)


What i dont like tho if you can debug this, how did we both get 13 years older since we joined. FIX PLEASE

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