Landing rates.

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Landing rates.

Post by hezza » Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:38 pm


I am experiencing frequent overstating of touchdown descent rates with the client v0.6.9b
It occurs with all aircraft at some times, but is particularly noticeable with small GA aircraft and very gentle landings.
It is often that a kiss landing generates a descent rate of -800 ft/minute or more!
In these cases the landing "beep" is heard much later than the actual landing point, sometimes when off the runway and taxiing.
It seems that the client is not able sometimes to detect a landing which is very soft.

While this is not a serious issue, it does have an impact on maintenance costs which are higher than they should be due to exaggerated accumulated wear.
I have tried running other logging software simultaneously and the FlyNET client consistently reports higher landing rates than actual.

Anyone else noticed the same?



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Re: Landing rates.

Post by flightsimer » Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:47 pm

nope, havent happened to me... i maintain a -250fpm touchdown or less when flying everything in my fleet, but i havent noticed any flight having a "spike" in them, or a harder than what actually was. even when i fly my GA aircraft. What aircraft is it happening to you in? i have the C172, C208, P28R, B58, B350, and havent had anything over -150
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