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More unexplained crashes

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:20 am
by IslandBum
This is for the admin staff to answer ONLY - I have been away from flynet for a week due to a bereavement

I just checked back in and find that a VA that normally has a 120 record has dropped to 34%!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again there seems to be a problem with Flynet and unexplained crashes if this were a new company

and new pilots I would understand, but these are all experienced pilots and from what I have read on our own forum there is

neither rhyme nor reason for them.

I would respectfully request that the administration take a serious look and tell me what is happeing here

and how we can rectiifying the problem - it has become so bad that we have members who have been active

in Flynet for over two years who are considering quitting completely

Thank you for you prompt attention to this matter

Leif Harding

Venture Hawaii VA

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:41 am
by CAPFlyer
Leif, 2 of the crashes that occured were due to pilot error and he said so in his comments on the flight. We cannot give credit for a pilot failing to turn off collision detection and an AI aircraft impacting him or him impacting a building (even invisible ones) on the scenery. Another shows the proper amount of fuel used and time, so the pilot definitely crashed and it wasn't due to the client.

Finally, I "deleted" 2 flights where there was an inflight reset of the flight for some reason and the program caught it as a crash, but looking at the data, it looks like an FS-caused issue, not the Client. The client can only cause FS to hang or shutdown. It cannot cause a crash to be detected nor can it cause a flight to reset. These functions are not contained within the capabilities of FSUIPC thus they are not available for FlyNET to trigger. Those pilots whom are having continued problems with inflight resets need to take a long look at their FS installation and identify what scenery, aircraft, or other third party addon (like FSPassengers) is causing the problem because it's not FlyNET.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:39 am
by jadan64

It was me who had the two crashes. I can tell you what happened. By the way: if a negative (!!) fuelamount in the refuelingsection of the Flynet-client is my bad, please explain what I did wrong after about 140 flights with the client....

It is a scheduled flight from Luton to Aberdeen. I have no add on scenery installed, just the normal FS9-scenery. there was no (!) ai-traffic as it was a maidenflight to Aberdeen, so I wanted to play safe.

The flynet-client showed up no A/C-type. I refueled 4000 k as there was no fuel aboard. when I pushed the fly now-button, the Tinmouse disappeared under the platform, causing a crash. To be shure I had made no mistakes, I rebooted the computer, restarted FS9, checked my procedures, the same happened. The Tinmouse was not running its engines and parkingbrakes were applied all the time!!!

A third time, I did the same, but refueled in FS( without starting flynet) everything went fine.

so, my bad? I don''t think so...



Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:34 am
by CAPFlyer

First, I deleted those two flights you are talking about and was talking about another pilot who's crashes are still in the system.

Second, your problem sounds like an issue with the model and not FlyNET. I need you to check a couple of items -

1) Start FS & load the Tinmouse 737. Enter Slew Mode ("Y" key by default) and then, after a second, exit it. If the aircraft "bounces" or you hear the touchdown sounds, then you need to modify the contact points on the aircraft so that you don't get the "bounce" anymore. This is an issue with the aircraft, not FlyNET and is the most likely cause of your crashes.

2) Go into the "Options" menu and check to ensure that the "Pause on Task Switch" checkbox is not checked. If it is, this is the cause of the "no aircraft type" when you load FlyNET. When FS pauses, it stops sending data to FSUIPC. As such, FlyNET cannot then properly operate and "unintended" actions will occur. This is a problem with FS, not FlyNET and there is nothing that Konny or DaKurt can really do about it.

If neither of these two items solve the problem, then there are some other items that can be looked intol, but what you describe isn't something that FlyNET is capable of causing by itself due to the fact that FlyNET does not directly interact with Flightsim.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:51 am
by jadan64
Thanks Christopher,

I will try this tonight. I will keep tyou posted. it is strange though that I am the first one with the tinmouse to have this. Its a common used A/C with all the VA's



Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:33 am
by CAPFlyer
For some reason, different computers in the past have had different problems with contact points. HJG grappled with this issue for many moons with their DC-8s because a few people (probably less than 10) were reporting a problem with the airplane "bouncing" and it was found that at a certain weight the landing gear compression was just perfect to cause it. If you went 100 pounds up or down on the weight or you moved the weight forward or aft in the plane just a little bit, it wouldn't happen. It was a total fluke event and it couldn't be replicated on everyone's computers. I managed to replicate it on mine and Dee Waldron did it on his, but it was only after many tries that we got it to happen while the guys who were having the problem got it to replicate on a consistent basis. At that point we just had to write it off to some quirk in their FS installation that they had in common that most other people didn't have although we couldn't trace what the quirk was.