Flightplans and assigning registrations

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Flightplans and assigning registrations

Post by Quantum » Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:14 pm


I have a series of flightplans that I want to be flown by two specific aircraft. I added both registrations to the batch flightplan and they were accepted without rejection. However, when I looked at the flightplans there were no registrations specified. By experimentation I have found out that the database will only allow one registration to be allocated to a flightplan. Also, once a plan has been filed you are unable to edit the flightplan to add a registration - you have to delete the plan and then re-file it to add a registration.

So, ...........................

1. Can we have a function to edit existing flightplans to add a registration ?
2. Can we have the facility to allocate more than one registration to a plan ?


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